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i haven't quite figured out how to be in two places at once yet so....

instead of trying to figured out how to duplicate myself, I hired some other amazing lgbtq+ teammembers to help your day be a total success!

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Hi there!

How the team works:

My name is Anna (think frozen)

I’m a wedding photographer based in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota – shooting weddings across the country…and the entire world, if it’ll have me! 

The love I have for couples just like YOU has grown so far and wide that I may not be available for your date anymore... BUT!

I still have an immense passion for making sure that other lgbtq+ couples like me and the people on my team feel SAFE and immensely taken care of above all else.

The individuals below are here to step in when I can't, but don't worry, I will still be connecting with you along every step of the way, from engagement photos, to timeline creation and editing. So sadly, you can't get rid of me ;P

1. Fill out an inquiry form and book a call with me! We can discuss who on the team is available for your date and who would be a great fit.
2. As soon as you book, we can plan your engagement session where both ME AND the selected team memeber will photograph you! Double the photos AND double the fun!? What a steal of a deal! :)
3. You two lovebirds will hop on a timeline call with myself and the trusted team member so we are all on the same page and you feel confident that your photographer knows allll of the inside scoops
4. Your amazing Wildly Connected Team Photographer will photographer your amazingly magical day
5. I will edit and deliver your photos (while crying that I couldn't be there partying with you all of course)

It's pretty seamless and fun, promise!


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Casey (he/Him)

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a group of amaing humans that are all a part of the lgbtq+ community and will be thrilled to be with you on your day!

Associate shooter
+ Second Shooter


See some of Madeline's photos!

  • Years shooting: 6
  • Your favorite part about shooting: Creating art from love. I feel so lucky to get to witness such intimate, quiet, bold and beautiful moments with the people I'm taking photos of. I also love that I make a friend each time I take photos with someone new! :)
  • Do you have a favorite outdoor location or moment you've had outdoors? A little hidden beach spot on the Mississippi River in St. Paul. You can hardly tell we're in the city among the flowing water and billowing trees! It feels new each time I go there, I find I can capture a unique style, even in the same spot over and over again!
  • What's your go to snack or beverage or both? Watermelon Poppi is my current obsession!
  • Fun facts about me! My cats are my children. I've been taking photos for fun since I was a kid. Film photography was my first love. You will always catch me wearing bright colors! 
  • Years shooting: 10
  • Your favorite part about shooting: I love film and how much fun and creative nostalgia you can have with it
  • Do you have a favorite outdoor location or moment you've had outdoors? Anywhere there is a snowboarding hill, but I'm also a sucker for Duluth.
  • What's your go to snack or beverage or both? Cold sandwhiches from Herbivorous Butcher SLAP!
  • Fun facts about me! I am Vegan and really enjoy snowboarding!


Associate + Second shooter


Click to see Jack's Work

  • Years shooting: 5
  • Jack has been shooting for many years now and does a wide variety of commercial and model work as well as weddings. He really enjoys teaching and hopes to one day teach photographer in universities. Word on the street has it that he's seen the show "Hearstopper" about 1,000 times already ;)


Second +Associate shooter

Janet (She/Her)

Click to see a Gallery of a wedding Janet shot for me!

  • Years shooting: 5
  • - Fun facts: I lived in Iraq for a bit after college, I do concert photography, and I’m currently obsessed with the new Zelda game (tears of the kingdom)
  • - the aspect I love most about weddings is getting to see all of the couple’s favorite people together in one room at the same time. That probably doesn’t happen in any other part of their lives, so it’s really cool to see all of those folks meet each other and connect over their mutual love for the couple


Second Shooter


  • Years shooting: 10
  • Tricia is an amazingly kind (yet also very goofy and always down for a laugh)! Tricia also helps run a small, local toilet paper company that makes toilet paper from bamboo- neat right!? They basically met Whoopi Goldberg, so I mean you'd be working with a celebrity basically. Tricia loves connecting with couples and making them laugh :)


And that's the team!

There are so many people that go into making your wedding or elopement day special, which is why i brought all of these amazing humans together- so we could be ready and prepared to be the hands that are ready to help you on your big day!

All of the above humans are incredibly special people and I feel lucky to have them on my team and I know you'll feel that way after working with them as well!

Hiring an associate is still the same price as hiring me because I don't believe that by working with them you will receive anything less than an amazing experience. If you'd like to review my packages again, please click below!

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about working with me or my team.

You can always find me at hello@wildlyconnectedphotography.com

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I'll reach out to my team and see who is available for your date.

NEXT, WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER! I will go over who will be helping you for your day and be there for your engagment session!


let's do this!